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    The Unit invites educational teams, principals, teachers, students examine the connection between Ben-Gurion’s legacy and Israeli society today with the inherent tension between heritage and innovation. There are three axes: Touching the lives of the participant, the connection between past, present and future and meaningful dialogues, accepting disagreement as a premise. The Unit works with both formal and informal educational frameworks.

    David Ben-Gurion disarmed the Palmach, gave the order to shoot at the Altalena, founded the Police forces and created the way of thinking of Israel’s security. How are these connected to Israeli society today? The Institute works in close conjunction with the IDF, the Israel Police forces. The Fire services, Israel’s Prison Service and more.

    The Unit attracts diverse groups in Israeli society: retirees, new and veteran immigrants, workers’ teams, directors in the public, business and third Sectors. We discuss how the individual can make a social difference by examining the history of Zionism and Ben-Gurion’s vision realization. Programs include lectures around the country, tours of the Negev, seminars and more.

    The Unit invites diverse groups from all over the world to get to know Ben-Gurion’s legacy and its relevance to their lives.

    During his lifetime, David Ben-Gurion met many world leaders and nation builders such as the founders of India, Vietnam, Myanmar and Singapore. These meetings offer the possibility to discuss universal subjects from unique viewpoints.

    The activities encourage participants to ask questions on he past, present and future of Israeli society and the Jewish world. Activities take place in Israel and abroad (virtually) and are suited to all religions. Activities include a tour of the Desert Home, a screening of the interactive movie “The People’s Trial” and a visit to the gravesite of Paula and David Ben-Gurion, as well as lectures and workshops.

    Based in Haifa, the branch offers a myriad of activities – tours, lectures and seminars, tailor made to each group. We have created cooperation with government bodies, third sector groups and business groups.

    The heart of the Institute (or perhaps the bakery!), the Program Development Unit team develops learning programs, lectures, workshops and seminars for each of the other units and for external bodies. Principles which guide our work are – the belief that the individual can influence the society he/she lives in, acceptance of different views (to one’s own), critical and independent thinking

    The Unit provides the organizational and physical support to each unit to facilitate the everyday work of the Institute (and special occasions). The support includes logistics, computer support and administrative services. And all this is done with patience and tolerance.

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