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    Eitan Donyets


    Shmil Adler

    Deputy CEO

    Einav Benaim

    Chief Financial Officer

    Avigail Peled

    Head of Program Development

    Ehud Shkedy Sadeh

    Head of Guidance in Northern Branch

    Esther Suissa Benzimra

    Head of Programs for Overseas and General Public

    Gadi Peltz

    Logistics manager

    Gil Schnider

    Director of Ben-Gurion Desert Home

    Gili Gofer

    Member of Program Development Unit

    Dov Mendelovitz

    Reception at the Ben-Gurion Desert Home

    Dana Ohana-Vaknin

    Logistics coordinator at the Ben-Gurion Desert Home

    Tal Shneider Shmueli

    Head of Education system Unit

    Yoni Galliziano

    Head of Guidance Ben-Gurion Desert Home

    Lena Tarkansky

    Head of reception Ben-Gurion Desert Home

    Nurit Guy

    Assistant to Institute Director/Coordinator of guidance in Education system Unit

    Adi Zohar

    Head of Northern branch

    Adi Sherzer-Druckman

    Member of Program Development Unit

    Ofra Bamnolker

    Facilities maintenance

    Aliza Mendelovitz

    Secretary of the Institute

    Ofra Goldberg-Evron

    Head of Digital Department

    Ramon Ziv Av

    Member of Program Development Unit

    Shosh Ben Shitrit

    Head of Administration Unit

    Shahar Rozanes

    Marketing and administration coordinator in Northern branch

    Shlomit Hoch Grunvall

    Head of Security Forces Education Unit

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