Overseas Visitors Unit

Overseas Visitors

Overseas visitors

The Overseas Visitors' Department offers insights into the legacy of David Ben-Gurion, his Zionist vision for the establishment of Israel, historical and contemporary Israeli society, and Israel-Diaspora relations.

Educational activities on these subjects are conducted in the visitors’ native language (English, Spanish, French, Russian, or Amharic), allowing each participant to take an active and meaningful part in workshops and discussions – both on Israeli society and their personal connection to it. 

The Department offers tailored programs for both short and long-term group visits.  Activities take place in Sde Boker, at the group's ‘home base’, or at additional sites in the Negev and around Israel. Available programs include workshops, lectures, and site visits on topics such as leadership, the image and reality of the Negev, the establishment of the IDF, Israeli society, Ben-Gurion and his vision, the State of Israel and the Jewish people, and more.


Southern Branch
Esther Suissa
Head of department for new immigrants and overseas visitors.
Tel: 08-6592108
Cell: 054-3059256
Fax: 08-6592126

 Northern Branch
Adi Almalem
Head of Haifa and the North branch.
Tel: 04-8643614
Cell: 054-3059239
Fax: 04-8643520