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"Aliya is not the transporting of Jews to Israel: but the rooting of Jewish immigrants."

In the most recent Aliya wave, the State of Israel absorbed more than 750,000 immigrants from the Former Soviet Union and tens of thousands of immigrants from around the world. Many of these immigrants have established thriving communities, which provide most of their cultural and social needs.

The Unit for Immigrants – both new and veteran – works with immigrants nationwide in order to develop their interest in historical and contemporary Israel with the purpose of enhancing their sense of belonging to the State, its culture, and its heritage.

The Institute runs a variety of seminars, workshops, tours, and ongoing educational programs in different languages (English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Amharic) – all tailored to the needs and background of immigrants and their respective communities in Israel.


Southern Branch
Esther Suissa
Head of the Department for Immigrant Groups and Overseas Visitors.
Tel: 08-6592108
Cell: 054-3059256
Fax; 08-6592126

 Northern Branch
Adi Almalem
Head of Haifa and the North.
Tel: 04-8643614
Cell: 054-3059239
Fax: 04-8643520