Ben-Gurion Desert Home

Ben-Gurion Desert Home

The Desert Home of Ben-Gurion and his wife Paula
The slippers left by his bed
An open book on Ben-Gurion’s shelf
The recipe for "Cutch – Mutch" hanging on the kitchen wall

We welcome you to visit the Desert Home of David and Paula Ben-Gurion in Kibbutz Sde Boker. 
The Desert Home is a uniquely intimate reflection of Ben-Gurion, a singular leader who's tenacious personality, and unwavering love for the state of Israel captivated the world. Ben-Gurion and his wife Paula resided in the Desert Home from 1953, when they were both accepted as members of Kibbutz Sde Boker.
The Desert Home has been preserved as it was upon Ben-Gurion’s passing in 1973. Gifts from various visitors, colleagues, and respected world leaders continue to decorate the home as they did during Ben-Gurion’s life— their display providing insight into David and Paula's preferences and personalities. At the heart of the Desert Home lays Ben-Gurion's study and library. The 5,000 books, only a small portion of his extensive library, that remain on his shelves reflect the first Prime Minister’s fields of interest: Judaism and the Tanach (Bible), philosophy, history, and geography, and the IDF and defense strategies. In this room, Ben-Gurion wrote the books and articles that paralleled his political activity, including his memoirs that were written mainly with the hopes of inspiring Israel’s younger generation. 
Screening rooms at the entrance to the site feature a short animated film on the life of David Ben-Gurion and his relationship to the Negev, suitable for all ages.
Three new and innovative exhibitions reveal the life, activity, and thought of David Ben-Gurion. The first includes a display centered on Ben-Gurion in Kibbutz Sde Boker and his vision for the Negev; the adjoining building offers computer games that interactively provide information about the Negev, the IDF, and the role of Israeli youth; the third exhibition room features a movie about Ben-Gurion’s leadership on a large screen.

The exhibition rooms surrounding the Desert Home are designed to expand visitors’ knowledge and deepen their experience at the Desert Home of David Ben-Gurion, the man and leader. 

Opening Hours
Sunday-Thursday 8:30–16:00
Friday and Festivals 10:00–16:00
Please arrive at least an hour before closing time.

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